The 5 Needs in Life
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We are have workbooks and are developing new materials. We invite you to keep coming back to find resources for all ages. "About us" below is our introduction. Welcome!

About Us

We Have Them!

We all share the same basic needs in life. The 5 Needs do not change. How we meet them changes with time, ability, situation and circumstance. We will keep trying to meet these needs whether we realize it or not.

Teaching about The 5 Needs matters at all ages.

Our behaviors and attitudes often reflect how we do or do not meet our needs in life. Teaching about The 5 Needs can have an impact on our thoughts and actions. Education about The 5 Needs is important for all. We can not do what we do not know. Let's share the news and help make life more meaningful, productive and fun!

We are here for you.

We provide tools to help you teach about The 5 Needs in Life at home, school and variety of places in the community. We have workbooks, guides, training, online support and information specific to your situation. We are in the process of developing "The 5 Needs: Specific Guides" to use for each need and a "Project Based Learning Guide" to use in teaching The 5 Needs too.   

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