The 5 Needs in Life

The 5 Needs in Life

The 5 Needs in Life The 5 Needs in Life The 5 Needs in Life

Our behaviors are often a reflection of how we do or do not meet these basic need in life.


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We ALL Have Them!

We all share the same basic needs in life. The 5 Needs do not change. How we meet them changes with time, ability, situation and circumstance. We will keep trying to meet these needs whether we realize it or not.


Teaching about The 5 Needs makes a positive impact at home and school.

 Teaching about The 5 Needs can have an impact on our thoughts and choices, our view of ourselves and others too. We can not do what we do not know.  Once we can identify our own needs, we can begin to see the needs in others too. We will not make excuses but can learn to understand ourselves and others better. 


We are here for you.

We can provide tools to help 

Understand about your own basic needs, how you met them in the past and how you meet them now. Then we can help you help others. 

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