When and Where


Start early or start anytime! It is never too early or too late.

We can begin at home, changing a way we think and asking different questions, such as: “What does the child need?” instead of “What is wrong with the child?” 

The 5 Needs materials are ADAPTABLE to work with you.

Once a need is identified, you may be surprised how much conversation can flow. 

The 5 Needs materials have been a platform for jumping into topics, situations and talks that have proven very meaningful and helpful. 

The 5 Needs provides a framework for groups and classroom meetings. Using each need as the topic at hand, allowing the conversations to flow around the need provides structure and freedom to discuss meaningful, relevant issues and concerns in the lives of the participants.


Where can you use The 5 Needs materials:

Small groups of boys or girls

Homeless Shelters


Morning Meetings

Project Based Learning

Church groups

Individual Counseling

Group Homes


Groups for Mom's

Parenting Groups

Truancy Prevention Programs

Support Groups

After School Programs

Residential Group Homes

Foster Care Programs

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers

Homeschooling (groups and individually)

Family meal times

While talking with our elders

Nursing homes to keep life stories alive and provide meaning and purpose

No "Cure All" but meant for ALL

The 5 Needs can be used to bridge a gap between generations, open communication and provide a framework for conversations. No matter what our age, situation, race, gender, we all have the same needs. How we meet them varies and is dependent on many factors including (but not limited to) our age, life situation, abilities, financial resources, and desires. Older people can be a wonderful resource, and telling of their stores about how they met their needs decades ago can enrich relationships.