How to Get Started


Where do you want to teach The 5 Needs?

What do YOU want to do with the workbooks?  They have been used successfully with students in special education and general education classes at all levels. The workbooks have been used in the following settings:

  • Camp Moss Hollow
  • Camp SMILES
  • Job Training Class in High School
  • Elementary schools classes doing "projects" to earn grades using the books: We All Have Needs
  • English/Writing class in high schools (students earned grades using projects in the book People of All Ages have Needs)
  • "Seminar" class in Middle School
  • Mother's groups
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • A Residential Treatment Center with families and individuals
  • By individuals for personal use
  • With counseling through "In-home" sessions
  • In a Truancy Prevention Program" in an elementary school
  • In counseling sessions and as homework for clients

Where do YOU want to use The 5 Needs materials? How can we help you? Contact Wendy with specific questions and ideas. Please share what works for you! We are always "Being and Becoming" and want to learn from each other as we journey through life.

How to use the workbooks?

Workbooks can be used in a variety of settings and ways. They are meant to be flexible, usable and easy to incorporate into many settings. 

Workbooks can be used in classrooms as projects, for students to earn grades and practice academic skills (such as writing, reading, research) in a friendly and meaningful way. We care about  our self, using skills to learn more about our self and sharing some parts of us, is a good way to increase sills.

Workbooks can be used as a group guide. Reading ahead or together, workbooks can facilitate conversations and bring in relevant information for those in the group. Contact us for more information and possibilities

Workbooks can be used by individuals or personal growth, some use The 5 Needs to finding words to put to their pain, exploring places they were afraid to go to before and just doing a "check-up" in life. How am I meeting these needs in my life? Some people do this around their birthday each year, some do it every other year just for fun. Some have children and teens do a workbook as a summer project. 

Workbooks can be used in counseling (with individuals, families and groups). Sometimes families need to "begin again" and the workbooks done out of sessions can provide a place to create common ground as deeper work is being done. Sometimes, individuals come to therapy with intense trauma and need deep healing to occur, using The 5 Needs workbooks as a part of sessions can be like a soothing oil and a "normal" place to visit in sessions (and out of sessions) while the deeper work is being done. The workbooks can provide a "safety net" an "easy place to be among much pain." The workbooks can be homework to do in-between sessions to help motivate clients, provide information that may not be easily seen, allow clients to have homeowner to help keep them stable in-between sessions.

Using The 5 Needs workbooks can help teach critical thinking skills. The workbooks allow for creativity  to develop too.