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Our needs do not change in life, how we meet them does change with time, development, circumstances and situations.

Kids Have Needs is best used with early elementary students.

We All Have Needs is best used with older elementary and Middle School students.

People of All Ages is best used with older Middle School, High School and young adults.

Moms Have Needs, this book can be used in groups or with individuals (like all the books) but often moms forget to take care of themselves. We need to remember we matter and must take care of who we are to help and love our families in ways that they will respond to too. Moms do have needs and they matter.

Little Ones Have Needs is best used with preschoolers.  Language is important, to use the langue of The 5 Needs can help in child development. Thinking about what a child needs instead of what is wrong with the child can help. Teaching little ones about their needs and coloring pictures with them along the way can be fun and educational too.

Each workbook is designed with a developmental stage in mind. Ages are not put on the workbooks purposefully, we all develop at different times, so general developmental stages are listed. Sometimes the stages overlap because one book may be useful for different ages. When we are working with children, or young adults, with different abilities and perhaps disabilities, we can use any book that will meet their needs. The child will not feel bad if the age is not concurrent with their natural age. Some adults have gone back and completed the workbooks intended for younger children just to see what it was like and found many areas in their life they could explore. This has proven to be fun and good topics to discuss. We can build a bridge with generations by talking about 

The 5 Needs we all share in life. 

Having grandparents do a workbook explaining how they also met their needs in life can be very interesting and create wonderful conversations.  Sometimes we need conversation starters, The 5 Needs can provide help with that in a very casual way. Once you have used a workbook, you can naturally begin to talk about each of the needs in any setting and have fun learning about each other. Relationships are the key to life. 

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